Alex Trebeck: Pancreatic Cancer

Can Cannabis Kill Cancer Cells ? Can it give Alex Trebeck a fighting chance to survive his newly diagnosed stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.

http://www.cannabisclinicians.org/ is an organization that is deeply engaged in bringing in research on the benefits of medica...

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Medical Marijuana Qualifications:
We get several calls from patients regarding Medicinal Marijuana. The State of Florida has allowed the following conditions who are eligible:
Patients suffering from the following conditions:
1. Cancer
2. Epilepsy
3. Glaucoma
4. HIV
6. Post-traumatic str...

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Alternative treatment for diabetes :

Tips for diabetes, that most doctors may not be aware of.

Last night, I heard that my brother who is 3 years younger than me was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. Obviously, he is getting it checked out and will be following all the guidelines of his regular ...

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Cannabis for Cancer: There are tons of Medical Marijuana Websites touting the benefits of Medical Cannabis especially as it relates to cancer. There are several legitimate uses of Medical Cannabis. Medical Cannabis can surely help ease the suffering of cancer patients. As a Medical Cannabis docto...

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PTSD and MMJ what you need to know:
Current treatment of PTSD is based on antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy with really poor results. The quest to improve this situation is ongoing.
Cannabis has been used illegally by several of our Veterans with PTSD with anecdotal benefits.
A re...

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Smoking Cannabis for medical reasons is NOT allowed as per Florida Law. This is a frequent question asked by our patients.

Why is this important? Since it is against the Law, carrying an MMJ card granted by the state will NOT protect you from legal action.

What is new? The good news for tho...

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Cancer Cells Destroyed by Cannabis: Fact or Myth??

Let's get serious about Medical Cannabis and Marijuana on how much it can help our patients.

As a Cancer physician, I was glad that I discovered he "Society of Cannabis Clinicians". Their information has helped me better understand Cannabis a...

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A recent report from the Tampa Bay Times:
Florida’s medical marijuana program is attracting troubled doctors: ‘It’s like the Wild Wild West’
Marijuana doctors are more likely to have been disciplined or arrested. Some have lost their licenses in other states.
Are we seeing a repeat of the Pill ...

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There are any number of medical conditions that are not explained based on traditional medicine knowledge. They lack objective signs and therefore physicians have no idea of how to treat them except use a band aid approach.
The theory was long held that these conditions were due to an underlyin...

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11 months ago
I have never had a more compassionate experience than when I was being treated for breast cancer when I was Dr Kumar's patient! He is a very compassionate doctor, and his staff is also very kind, and caring. He has now added acupuncture and recommending Medical Cannabis to treat pain. I'm very delighted in that his perspective is one that is progressive in the latest treatments available. Kudos to Dr Kumar for helping his patients in Okeechobee.
- Joanne J
a year ago
Thank you Doctor Kumar!! If it wasn't for you in doing this we would still be having to take all those pills and injuring our bodies even more using more drugs and pharmaceutical...Lets help more people..!
- dawn c
a year ago
- Annmarie H

MMJ: We are here to help you..


“The introduction of smokeless cannabis in dosage form will immediately ease human pain and suffering and help to move medical marijuana from the underground economy to the mainstream of the nation’s health-care system.”  
July 7, 2014, “New York Does Medical Marijuana Right,” Wall Street Journal.

Personal Story:

 A close relative of ours who was dying of widespread cancer was offered Medical Marijuana as a last resort to help ease her pain and suffering after much debate with her treating Oncologist in California. Her quality of life improved so dramatically within a few days that she went back to her gardening and cooking that she loved so much. Her quality of life improved and she was able to spend time with her close family without the need to be "zoned out" from pain medications. 

As a Physician obsessed with healing, this experience converted me into an advocate for the use of Medical Marijuana in those patients where traditional medicine ceases to offer a meaningful solution for their pain and suffering.

The Medical Conditions that Qualify for Medical Cannabis in the state of Florida. 

Patients in Florida diagnosed with one of the following debilitating medical conditions, are afforded legal protection under the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, as per Amendment 2: 

 · ALS also called Lou Gehrig’s disease
 · Cancer 
·  Crohn's disease     
·  Epilepsy 
·  Glaucoma
·  HIV/AIDS    
·  Seizures     
·  Chronic muscle spasms     
·  Multiple sclerosis   
·  Parkinson's disease   
·  Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  ·  Or any other ailment/condition of the same severity/symptoms, when determined by a physician's opinion that the medical use of marijuana would surpass any potential health risks 
· A terminal condition 
· Chronic nonmalignant pain      

For a confidential evaluation and to see if you qualify, please call us at 561-210-9999 for our Port Saint Lucie and Palm Beach Gardens office. 863-467-9500 for our Okeechobee office.


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